Our Company

Scotian Materials Ltd. is a Nova Scotia company in the sustainable stone industry.

Our goal is to help local roadbuilders and contractors develop communities by building roads, schools, hospitals and other community infrastructure. Our role is to supply them with quality foundation products like crushed rock and aggregate at competitive prices and with excellent service.

Or, as we sometimes say, we run a “rock store.

Headquartered in the Burnside Industrial Park in Dartmouth, we responsibly operate well-managed quarries from Halifax to Shelburne along Route 103. At every level of our business, we make a conscious effort to go above and beyond minimum requirements. We make our decisions with a focus on our social and environmental responsibility.

Known for our open-door policy of engagement with the communities where we work, we are proud of our advances in this sustainable industry that has for centuries been the foundation of our highways and infrastructure.

Our Team

Robert MacPherson, P. Eng., President

With more than 20 years of experience in civil engineering and community development behind him, Scotian Materials Ltd. President Robert MacPherson operates with the unshakable belief that what serves communities and businesses well can be harmonious.

“My philosophy is that when communities and companies meet in a spirit of open engagement and talk about what’s on their minds, inevitably you discover that you share common concerns and goals,” he explains.

“Once you find that ground, you can begin to work in the direction of conciliation and progress.”

Robert’s theory of responsible business stems from both his academic and practical background. Born and raised in Sydney, Cape Breton, he was always the kind of person who was invigorated by challenges. He decided to study civil engineering and degrees followed from University College of Cape Breton (now Cape Breton University) and the Technical University of Nova Scotia (now Dalhousie University). He is a registered engineer with the Province of Nova Scotia.

Since 1992 he has worked in the area of community development and infrastructure. For more than a decade and a half, he was president of Armco Communities, a diverse land development company that has been building communities for 30 years. “In fact, the first development I did was in Dartmouth for Armco. We had a meeting with the community and I said I believed so much in the project that I would build in it and live there. I did, and I’m still there,” he says.

After Armco, Robert ran his own consulting firm before accepting the presidency of Scotian Materials Ltd. “I really enjoy working with the communities where we are operating or developing quarries and finding that common ground where we can grow together,” he says. When he is not working, he enjoys travelling with his wife and the family dog.

Our Communities

Scotian Materials Inc. has an open door policy of engagement with the communities in which they do business. Our goal is full community engagement and we go above and beyond our commitments to “put back” into the communities where we work. As we grow, we plan to be increasingly supportive of cultural and social events in each municipality. We want to be a major community player. Together we can grow and prosper, building up each other and growing jobs and prosperity.

Public Consultation Commitment

Scotian Materials Limited is committed to working in partnership with communities, and to operating in a safe, sustainable, responsible fashion.

As part of our public consultation commitment we will :

  • Comply with all provincial government consultation requirements including publishing notifications about quarry proposals and responding to questions from residents.
  • Be open and transparent and use our brand name on all materials related to the consultation.
  • Make project details available for public viewing.
  • Contact homeowners within at least 800 metres of the proposed quarry.
  • Conduct a community open house or site tour when appropriate.
  • Make project details available at www.scotianmaterials.ca during the consultation period.
  • Contact provincial and municipal elected representatives from the area.
  • Provide Aboriginal consultation with local first nation when applicable
  • Work in partnership with the provincial government to establish a plan that ensure the site is properly reclaimed and continues to contribute to the community after quarry operations cease.
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